Community Life

We want to help people Love God and love one another in their homes and community, to help people live a life fully surrendered to God in their homes and community and to honour God and grow people by equipping them to live their faith at home. 
During Lockdown however, we are unable to get together. We have postponed these courses until further notice.
Marriage Prep
Preparing couples for love and marriage.
5 sessions that are based on DVD inputs, fun and informative with no group work and no interrogation. 
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Baptism / Dedication
Baptisms are a sacrament performed by the church, a blessing on the child by making a cross of water on the little one’s head and a welcome into the Methodist Faith and the Community of the Church. This is where you as parents will be required to take vows and make a commitment to God that you will raise your child in a Christian home under Christian values and principles.
Dedications differ from Baptisms in that you are not taking any vows nor are you making any sort of commitment. it is simply a blessing and thanks-giving which will be said over your little one. 
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