“We are now God’s stewards. We are indebted to him for all we have…. A steward is not at liberty to use what is lodged in his hands as he pleases, but as his master pleases…. He is not the owner of any of these things but barely entrusted with them by another… now this is exactly the case of everyone with relation to God. We are not at liberty to use what God has lodged in our hands as we please, but as God pleases, who alone is the possessor of heaven and earth and the Lord of every creature…. [God] entrusts us with [this world’s goods] on this express condition, that we use them only as our Master’s goods, and according to the particular directions which he has given us in his Word.” John Wesley


Vision: The Creation Care Ministry is a ministry dedicated to sharing a steadfast love for God, each other and caring for God’s creation as our common home. The Ministry launched in February 2020.  As followers of Christ, we share a common role as stewards of God’s creation. We see that our well-being is interwoven with its well-being. We rejoice in our interconnectedness, to care for our common home and the sisters and brothers who share it and our loving Creator.


Each one of us has a role to play in preserving nature for human well-being. As individuals we must become more conscious consumers. If we are to become custodians of nature, we must first start with ourselves and learn about what we can do. Share that knowledge with our networks and act. Our goal is to grow our awareness, with the long-term goal of changing hearts and minds through the leading of the Holy spirit that leads to action.


Learn: As we ‘shelter’ in our homes, this is the right opportunity to learn more about nature and the environment. This time indoors can be a chance to reflect on the role of nature in our lives and the ways in which we can advocate for positive change. How? We invite you to join us online as we host a monthly (Zoom) gathering. Guest speakers are invited to discuss environmental and nature related topics. Connect with our WhatsApp group, where we offer uplifting content on all things Creation-orientated. It is time to reimagine our relationship with nature and to live well in harmony with nature.


Act: Only by doing our part can we allow nature to heal and ensure a better and healthier future for everyone. We are currently collaborating with ARocha SA making use of the Eco-Church framework to guide and equip us on becoming a more sustainable church in the areas of worship, teaching, management of our buildings, land and lifestyle both personally, congregationally and communally.


Areas of interest:  Carbon Foot printing, Climate Change, Plastic Pollution, Endangered species, Global emissions, Plant protection, Food Security, Recycling, Food gardens, Environmental Advocacy.

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