Children’s Church

With over 100 children attending our Sunday services, working alongside the Children’s Pastor is an amazing team of volunteers who have a passion and energy for helping kids know Jesus.

There is a complete safety policy in place with the proper screening of all volunteers working with the children in our children’s ministries, with criminal record checks and sexual offences register checks.

The children’s ministry team have a number of training opportunities over the year including the National Children’s Ministry Conference, Ivangeli Sunday School teachers training and inputs at our monthly prep meetings.
During Lockdown however, we are unable to get together. We look forward to the time when we can sing and play and learn together again. In the meantime make sure to catch Jaryd in our “Kidstown in Lockdown” every Saturday on all our Social Media platforms.  
3 years – 5 years          : Fellowship Hall
Grade R – 2                  : Basement
Grade 3 – 5                  : Faith Hall
Grade 6 – 7                  : Conference Centre


3 years – Grade 7         : Faith Hall
“KIDS @ 6”
3 years – Grade 7         : Faith Hall
Contact Jarryd Buckle on 010 140 0210