Mission & Outreach

Our vision is to share God’s kingdom with others through community involvement. We see mission as all that we do and say that alerts others to the reign of God in our lives. We have got a deep sense of our interconnectedness and are exploring ways that we can bear and share fruit.
Some of the ministries that we offer are: Domestic Employment, God’s Pantry, Kairos Prison Ministry, Adult Literacy, Rachel’s Clothing, Domestic Sewing, Soup Kitchen, and Paradigm Shift.
At the moment w are relooking at some of the ministries. Watch this space for more info on what we offer!
We also have a Community Centre in Etwatwa. The John Wesley Community Centre is a  Centre that is thriving in many areas in teaching, equipping and feeding the Etwatwa community’s children. Contact Mampho Mbete 073 040 0680 or mampho@jwcc.co.za.