Mission & Outreach

All the little things that make up the bigger picture, a bible in the hand of someone, a new skill learnt and the joy of sharing the delight of learning to read. The growth of confidence as dressmaking celebrates beautiful dresses, waistcoats and friendships. The joy of a new found job, support spiritually and physically. Singing songs in praise with no money for the taxi home, but a pair of shoes have been given. Pink and blue bags full of love that yell, “we are aware, we care”, wonderful brown paper bags, boxes sealed with coloured decorations as reminders of His love. Beanies, blankets with attached love letters, jerseys of every colour for young and old. India, the work and kindness of the Catholic Nuns, Zimbabwe, the work of the local Ministers under great hardship, Mozambique, exposure for a youth team, sharing life, praying, learning, appreciating. Lesotho, Musina, Did we make the world a better place, did we leave the fragrance of love in word and deed? May we together spread even more, for we are called to be a light in the darkness, a cup of water to the thirsty and the smile of love in our world. -Fran Caldwell
During Lockdown we are unable to get together and this affects our ministries as well. We have postponed the meeting of these ministries until further notice. However, here are some ways that you can still get involved in our Mission & Outreach work:

Outreach Opportunities postponed during lockdown until further notice:

– Domestic Employment
We help Domestic workers find jobs every Monday morning between 10am-12noon in the Faith Hall.
Contact person: Audrey Nisbett 011 849 7092
– God’s Pantry
A pantry stored with non perishable food so that we can feed between 80-100 people and families who are struggling with unemployment.
Contact person: Letricia Bellis 011 425 4892
– Kairos Prison Ministry
We visit those in prison and remind them that God still loves them.
Contact person: Khaya Mnyanda 073 272 1842
– Adult Literacy
We offer classes on Wednesday afternoons and evenings in the Wesley Hall to anyone who wants to learn to read and write.
Contact person: Shiela Fitchet 083 441 2667 (afternoon literacy)
Claire Clare 084 821 2509 (evening literacy)
– Rachel’s Clothing
We manage any clothes donations and distribute them to those who need something warmer to wear.
Contact person: Fran Caldwell 082 922 2792
– Domestic Sewing
We teach Domestics to make their own clothes and learn these valuable sewing skills every Wednesday afternoon from 2pm in the Faith Hall.
Contact person: Louise van Rijckevorsel 083 987 3119
– Soup Kitchen
We feed the hungry everyday at 11am.
Contact person: Fran Caldwell 082 922 2792
– Paradigm Shift
Where we teach entrepreneurs the skills to make their small business a success.
Contact person: Quinton de Beer 010 140 0210 or quinton@nfmc.org.za
– John Wesley Community Centre
A Centre that is thriving in many areas in teaching, equipping and feeding the Etwatwa community’s children.
Contact person: Mampho Mbete 073 040 0680 or mampho@jwcc.co.za