Our Youth has grown in passion, in depth, and in size. It’s an amazing opportunity we have to share the great gift of His love with all those who cross our path, we continue to strive to take His light into all the dark places, within our lives and the lives around us.
Youth Worship
We place a priority on our worship ministry in terms of developing individuals, and growing our teams and we certainly have reaped the rewards of all our effort. Our team displays significant growth. Each individual works hard in developing themselves as both musicians and worship leaders. The team moves from being a team who serves in a worship ministry to being a group of people who are so passionate about Jesus that the overflow of their worship becomes more than songs, but a visible consequence of what was happening in their hearts.
Grade 8 and older
Sundays at 5pm in the Wesley Hall.
Every Sunday between 70 and 85 teenagers are found in the Wesley Hall worshiping and growing a relationship with God. Josh is a place where people are able to explore their stories, get to know God’s story and endeavor towards uniting those two stories. We were more intentional of creating space in every service for people to take the next step towards Jesus, resulting in many meaningful ministry times, times of prayer, times of contemplation with God and even once a quarter a time of sharing in the sacrament of Holy Communion together. 
“My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life” – John 10:10
Age 16 and older
Thursdays 7pm in the Wesley Hall.
Teenagers (most of whom had never put a foot into church before) make a decision to confirm their faith and follow Jesus. Added to this are young people who are also baptised at our Confirmation services. Our program is designed to address the relevant issues our teenagers deal with in their everyday lives, as well as developing a deeper understanding of God and what it means to be a Christ follower. As the year progresses we hope for a deepening relationship with Jesus to become evident in each person’s life.
Confirmation camp is one of the highlights of the program. The Scavenger hunts we do annually gain a reputation, late night bon fires, shaving cream fights and a whole lot of fellowship are some of the things that make camp great.
Here are some words from the Confirmant’s themselves;
“Confirmation showed me that I’m not alone anymore”
“I feel so close to God now”
“Now I know God loves me”
“I have developed the strength to forgive”
“I finally feel free”
Leadership Development
(Post Confirmation discipleship and leadership development.)
Thursdays 6pm in the Wesley Hall.

Our leadership program helps teens who have done confirmation to grow people both spiritually and practically. Meaningful relationships are formed within the small groups and people are equipped for life, learning that God is with them in every sphere of existence, at school, on the sports field and at home.                  

Through this program our leaders deepen their faith, and grow as leaders in their communities, who are living out their faith in some of the most difficult circumstances. Every week before Confirmation we meet for an hour, and dig deep into scripture to find out what it means to be a Disciple of Jesus.
   Contact Enoch Mabele on 010 140 0210